Helloooooo Mountains

At the edge of Ha Ling
At the edge of Ha Ling.

Just over a year ago Rick and I began the Big Mountain Challenge to raise money for the Kidney Foundation of Canada. The adventure required that we hike several mountains, canoe Lake Louise, raise oodles of money, and spend a large portion of our time being spoiled rotten by the awesome folks at Chateau Lake Louise, the Banff Springs Hotel, and Banff Lake Louise Tourism. It’s a rough life, but someone has to do it.

To say that the adventure was one of the greatest experiences of my life would be an understatement.

On Wednesday night I flew into Calgary to meet up with Rick once again – this time with my brother Aidan in tow – to celebrate the anniversary of the Big Mountain Challenge.

Our adventure started yesterday. While Rick was at work, Aidan and I ventured to MEC (for some necessary equipment), and then to the Calgary Farmers’ Market (for some necessary donuts and other foodstuffs). After sufficiently stuffing our gullets, we picked up Rick and made our way towards the mountains. Specifically, we made our way towards Ha Ling Peak.

The hike was short, full of steep inclines, mixed with sunshine, cool breezes, and later on, a bit of rain. We started around 5:30pm and finished four hours later. As per usual, we were greeted with amazing views during the entire hike, and breathtaking views once we reached the top (a few shots of which are provided below for your viewing entertainment).

As with most of my hikes I learned a thing or two on the mountain. First, dehydration, exhaustion, heat, funky airline food, and Aidan do not mix. Second, I challenge anyone to differentiate between the remnants of a bear attack and red Gatorade mixed with prosciutto and white bread. Third, I prefer climbing up a mountain in the dark vs. climbing down a mountain in the dark. Fourth, rocks and roots are extra slippery on the way down. Fifth, and most importantly, I love the mountains.

Today is our rest day. Tomorrow we tackle Mount Indefatigable. Later, Mount Sparrowhalk.

Yup. The Big Mountain Challenge Anniversary is shaping up to be a pretty epic adventure, and I couldn’t be happier.

1 Ha

At the top of Ha Ling
At the top of Ha Ling
Hiking up Ha Ling
Hiking up Ha Ling
NERDS! I'm being followed by nerds.
NERDS! I’m being followed by nerds.
The beast known as Ha Ling
The beast known as Ha Ling.

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