Prepping For Awesome

As we passed The Face Shop yesterday, Rick suggested to me “we should stop there so you can fix your face, cuz you ugly”. He’s full of great questions, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t also a jerk. Seriously though, everyone should have a Rick in their life. He’s pretty good I guess.

A few days ago I was describing my need to write more blog posts to help keep myself on track. Setting goals and creating lists is a bit of a thing for me, but I find that if I don’t take the time to sit down and reflect on those I’ve met or those that still elude me, I lose sight of what is important to me. It’s not that I’m not achieving goals or pushing myself when I’m not writing, it’s just that I fail to take the time to really appreciate what I have accomplished, the people around me who have helped me get to wherever it is I happen to be, and how lucky I am to have the opportunities that have been afforded me.

Clearly this is something that I’ve decided must change (and hence the reason I’ve started posting more frequently).

Of course having spent the better part of yesterday with my friend Rick, I was forced to challenge some of my own misconceptions about where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. That is, being a bit of an adventuring overachiever and goal-minded individual, Rick asked just the right questions.

While driving to Toronto I was reminded that I am my own worst enemy. I have no idea why, but every now and then I shift my focus to those things I haven’t accomplished. Most of the time this acts as a great motivator – pushing me beyond my comfort zone and into new territory. But, as has been the case over the past several months, this focus has become more of an unhealthy obsession. It’s an energy sink, it’s unproductive, and it’s very self-defeating.

Since the second week of June I’ve not been able to run the longer runs that I love to do. Instead of recognizing that this was a necessary break from running to allow my ankle to properly heal, I’ve focused on the fact that I’ve felt gross and sluggish and not myselfI’ve ignored the fact that I’ve run almost 700 km this year, focusing instead on the failure to reach my 1000 km goal. But when I actually sit down and think about it, 700 km is a huge accomplishment, especially since the bulk of those kilometres were completed by June. If not for my injury I would have surely passed 1000 km. So I need to focus on what I did accomplish and realize that the new year means a new beginning. I will crush my 1000 km goal, and I’m going to smile through as many of those kilometres as I possibly can.

Point is, I have to remember that I’m human and sometimes I’m not going to make the goals that I set for myself. Instead of getting down about that, I have to focus on what I have accomplished, figure out what – if anything – went wrong, and reset my targets.

So take this as a warning 2014 – I’m reviewing 2013 and prepping myself for what’s to come. Be prepared. Things are about to get crazy.





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