Feeling Throw-Uppy

I'm not sure if this schedule is insane or awesome. Probably both.
I’m not sure if this schedule is insane or awesome. Probably both.

Last year I was in the midst of training for the Niagara Ultra 50km race when I was sidelined by my ankle. Because I don’t like leaving things unfinished I’m determined to conquer this race in 2014. As part of my training program I sat down the other night to figure out exactly what I’d need to do to achieve this goal.

To put it simply – I want to throw up already.

The training program that I’m working from (found here) is intense, and is only 16 weeks long. Fortunately I have just over 24 weeks to prepare, so the first 8 weeks of my program will see me getting back to fighting form. Still, looking at the total distance I need to run per week is rather imposing. I know I can do it, but that doesn’t mean the numbers aren’t freaking me the hell out.

Assuming my ankle and the rest of my parts don’t spontaneously explode or turn to gelatinous goo, the last 16 weeks of the schedule (which begins March 3rd) look something like the following:

Week 1, 59km Week 2, 57km Week 3, 67km Week 4, 65km
Week 5, 74km Week 6, 72km Week 7, 72km Week 8, 76km
Week 9, 79km Week 10, 81km Week 11, 74km Week 12, 84km
Week 13, 65km Week 14, 46km Week 15, 52km Week 16, 89km

This is a crazy amount of mileage leading me to the ultra which I assume will be held around the 21st of June. The date hasn’t yet been set so I may have to adjust my training schedule. Whatever the case, hundreds of kilometres will be covered on my mission to the 50km finish line1.

Despite the nerves and hesitation I’m feeling at this point, I know I can do this providing I take care of my body and make sure to get in the rest that I’m clearly going to need.

I’m still not sure if this goal is crazy or awesome. Probably a little bit of both.

1 1412.50km to be exact2.

2 Assuming I stick to the schedule.


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