And So It Begins

Day 1: 3.29km under my belt, only 996.71 to go.
Day 1: 3.29km under my belt, only 996.71 to go.

On January 1st I took my first steps back into the world of running after a long hiatus1. It was rather cold2 and I was feeling some of the effects of the New Year’s Eve festivities from the night before. Regardless I laced up, bundled up, took a deep breath, and started my first of hopefully many runs this year.

I was fully expecting the run to be awful. I fully expected to curse everyone and everything with each painfully cold inhalation. I thought for sure I’d want to punch myself in the face for 1) having slacked off for so long, and 2) deciding that today had to be the day that I opted to start my training program. I mean, between boozy indulgences from the night before, not having run in quite some time, and frigid temperatures, it seemed the only possible outcome was a miserable run.

But before I started running something clicked in my head. The voices telling me that this was going to suck quieted. I looked around, took a deep breath, and realized just how beautiful it was outside. The air was crisp and clear; there were people out walking their dogs. It was a perfect day for a run.

And so I started running. I kept a careful eye on my pace and the ground. I didn’t want to burn out too quickly or run too slowly, and I also didn’t want to slip on the ice and sideline myself with another injury. I settled into a comfortable pace, ignored the internal voice that suggested I run faster, and enjoyed my time outside.

Before long my first run was complete. I had only planned for 3km – a sort of welcome back to the land of the moving kind of run. I overshot slightly, considered turning it into a 5km run, but opted to stick to my training plan. No sense in being a hero, right?

The good news – the run felt great, and so did my ankle. Here’s hoping that this is the sign of many good runs to come.

To keep myself motivated I’ve created a little widget up there in the corner of the blog. It’s a simple pie chart that identifies the proportion of running I’ve done towards my Run 1000km In A Year goal3. Right now I’ve completed only a tiny sliver of my goal – 0.329% to be exact – but that should soon change.

For now I am going to focus on the fact that I’ve made the first steps towards my goal; 3.29km down, 996.71km to go. Wish me luck.

1 Well, I ran some during the hiatus, but it wasn’t consistent in any way.

2 -11C, with a wind chill that made it feel like -19C.

3 Assuming I follow my training schedule, and assuming I don’t injure myself, I should hit 1000km on May 11th. If that happens, I’ll update the widget to 1412.50km, the distance I need to run to train for the 50km Niagara Ultra Marathon in June.


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