7 Down 83 To Go

Bundled up for my run in the ridiculously cold weather.
Bundled up for my run in the ridiculously cold weather.

The 90 Day Fitness Challenge that began in the old time-y days of 1 week ago is now 1 week old. Amazing. Okay, maybe a challenge that started a week ago being a week old isn’t really all that amazing. Whatever.

Point is, I’m 1 week into a challenge that will last approximately 13 weeks. For those who like percentages1, that’s almost 8% of the entire adventure.

As with most challenges, the first week has gone pretty well. I’m full of adrenaline and kick-assery, so I’ve found getting out to do my runs and stretches not too challenging. Don’t get me wrong, convincing myself to run in the types of weather we’ve had this week hasn’t been easy. But because this week was the beginning of the semester, it was easy to not have work related excuses. Things were busy, but they weren’t busy enough to make me think that sitting in front of the computer was a valid alternative to running.

Here’s hoping I can keep up this momentum; 7 days down, 83 to go. You’ve got this Gillis.

Note to self: get off your butt and go for a run.

1 Oh lord, who am I kidding. We all love percentages.


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