Bonbons And Regret

RunKeeper - better than bonbons and regret.
RunKeeper – better than bonbons and regret.

Last night when I was walking home after what seemed a long day of work, I spent the bulk of my time having an internal discussion with myself.

I’m too tired to run.

No, you aren’t. You’re just being a big bag of suck.

Am I?

Yes, you are. I think.

See, maybe I’m not being a big bag of suck. I am rather tired.

But are you really that tired?

Well, I’m definitely tired, but maybe I’m not that tired…

See, I knew it!

And it went on like this for the 22 minutes or so that it took to saunter home. As I was closing in on my destination I had the following thought:

How about when you get home you at least put on your running gear, then decide if you’re going to run or wuss out.

My logic was simple – the act of getting dressed, as trivial as it was, might prove to be the extra boost I needed to actually get off my lazy butt and run. Worst case scenario – I would have wasted my time getting dressed up only to spend the eve on the couch eating bonbons and regret.

And so immediately on entering my condo I dropped my work bag, and headed upstairs to change. Before long I was in my running gear with my hat and gloves on, laces tied, and RunKeeper set and primed to go. And not too long after that I found myself back home having knocked out 5 more kilometres on my quest to 1000.

They say the clothes make the man. I think in this case the clothes made the runner. They were just the catalyst I needed to realize that I wasn’t really that tired – I was just being a big bag of suck.

Sometimes being tired is just an excuse; a way to avoid doing something I know I should do because the alternative seems far simpler. Sometimes being tired is truly that; a signal that my body is truly exhausted and needs rest. Knowing the difference isn’t always easy. I just hope that the next time I’m feeling tired, I’m able to distinguish which kind of tired I am.

Now if you don’t mind, I have a box of bonbons that aren’t going to eat themselves.


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