The Re-Schtubbed-Ubbening

Ma sinuses are schtubbed ubb, again.
Ma sinuses are schtubbed ubb, again.

I’ve been randomly looking back at some old posts – seeing if there were any shenanigans of significance that I might have found myself a part of a year ago1. Part of the reason for my walk down memory lane is known as procrastination; I know I have to run 7km today on my Quest To 1000 Kilometres, but I’m feeling a little lazy at the moment.

Beyond a case of the lazies, my sinuses haven’t forgiven me since yesterday’s run and gym adventure. I’ve been sneezing up a storm. I had originally blamed it on the dust that’s been generated at the gym on account of some remodelling that’s going on, but then I started my walk down memory lane. Now I’m not so sure.

You see, one year ago yesterday – yesterday being when the sinus stuff started – I wrote Schtubbed Ubb. My sinuses were b0rked then too. Last year I blamed travel, however, I’m not so sure that I’m buying that excuse anymore. Perhaps my sinuses contain a deeper, darker secret. Perhaps they’re plotting against me. Perhaps they don’t want me to run.

Or perhaps I’m just finding any reason to avoid lacing up and doing the work I know I have to do if I ever want to crush my goal.

We may never know for sure.

1 Sometimes I look back to see if there is an excuse to celebrate some milestone’s anniversary. Because anniversaries mean scotch. That’s a rule.


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