21 Down 69 To Go

It's just a wee chilly outside.
It’s just a wee chilly outside.

Week three of the 90 Day Fitness Challenge has officially come to an end, and I’m happy to say that things are still going strong.

It was a tough week, however. Temperatures dipped into the realm of ridiculousness again, and then Mother Nature decided we needed more snow. Because running in frigid temperatures and knee-deep snow drifts is always a party. Fortunately the gym is only ~2km from my house, so on the colder days I was able to spend part of my time in the climate controlled goodness that is the GoodLife Fitness Centre.

By the end of the week I had managed to put in another 34.55km on my Quest To 1000km. That brings my grand total to 106.16km. Not too shabby. If I were to maintain this rate (i.e. averaging slightly more than 4km per day), I’d hit 1000km some time in early September. However, my training schedule for the 50km Ultra is far more demanding than what I’m currently putting my body through. This means that if all goes well – read, my ankle doesn’t explode – I expect to hit 1000km sometime in May.

But I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself – there are still 893.84km between me and my prize. A lot of life is going to happen between now and then; a lot of time running in all sorts of weather (because, let’s be honest, this winter isn’t even close to being over yet), a lot of competing work and social activities, and a lot of days where I’m just not going to want to run. I have to remember to stay focused on the prize, but also allow myself the flexibility to accept that external forces are going to interfere with all of my best laid plans. And that’s okay, because they’ll all be part of my crazy adventure to run 1000km.

Week four starts tomorrow. You’ve got this Gillis.



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