Destination: Adventure

Next stop - China!
Next stop – China!

It’s been about eleventy billion years since I last wrote something here – but trust me, it’s not for lack of having stuff to write about. I have oodles to write about. Oodles I says. I’ve just been – what’s the word? Oh ya – slacking.

I know, I’m a terrible, terrible human being. Hopefully you can find it within your hearts to look past my shortcomings.

You might now be wondering, after such a long hiatus, what brings me back to this wee blog?

The answer to that is simple. I’m wanderlusting. I’m also procrastinating. It’s interesting how often those two things go together. It’s also interesting how often I procrastinate when a bunch of as-yet-to-be-written reports stare back at me with their accusing blank pages.

Fortunately the cure for both wanderlust and procrastination is adventure – or at least adventure planning. And as it so happens I am in the beginning stages of planning my next epic adventure.

And this adventure is truly going to be epic. In a few short weeks I’m going to say farewell to Elliot, leave instructions for my house/Elliot-sitters, jump on a plane and head to Dalian, China.

Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

The trip is part work/part vacation. The work part includes teaching a short course on data visualization and analysis for computer science students, and hopefully establishing some research collaborations. The vacation part includes a tour of Golden Pebble Beach Sea Shore Park, and of Dalian Daheishan Mountain. Both of these tours have been organized by Dalian Nationalities University – the host university for my trip. I’m not sure if they knew I had a thing for beaches and mountains, or if all guests get this treatment – but seriously – these are the perfect start-my-vacation adventures.

Of course, I have a few other things in mind. Yes, I’m going to try to get to the Great Wall. Yes, I’m going to try as many local culinary dishes as possible. Yes, I’m going to wander about aimlessly some days. And yes, I’m probably going to leave a lot of the planning until I arrive. But the one thing I absolutely have to do is the Tea House Hike. What is the Tea House Hike? Click here and see it in all its glory.

Can’t. Freaking. Wait.






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  1. Beth says:

    I’m super jealous! That sounds like an amazing opportunity!

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