Adventure Time Approaches

Operation China Adventure begins!
Operation China Adventure begins!

I ventured to Toronto on Monday to get my visa. I won’t lie, I was giddy with excitement as I handed over all of the necessary items – completed application, one passport sized photo, and an official letter of invite from Dalian Nationalities University – to the very friendly woman who was working behind the counter.

On Friday I’ll be returning to Toronto to pick up said visa – bringing Phase I of Operation China Adventure to a close. In case you were wondering, Operation China Adventure is what I’m officially calling my trip.

Before I leave, however, I have a few tasks to complete (what I’m calling Phase II of Operation China Adventure):

  • Organize all of my projects, and leave explicit instructions and a set of deliverables for all of my students, to ensure that my return is stress-free.
  • Organize dates for Elliot. He gets lonely when I’m not around.
  • Organize the house-sitters. Identify the comfiest spots in my condo for a nap.
  • Figure out how to post to the Twitters and the Facebook while I’m away. I’ve learned that both of these sites are blocked in China. Fortunately, the Instagrams are not. At least, not yet.
  • Finish designing course materials that I will be presenting while in China.
  • Set up meetings with students and colleagues while I’m gone.
  • Finish up all of the reports, grants, papers, and other deliverables that need to be completed.

No big deal. I’ve still got three working days to get it all done.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I’m stoked. I haven’t had an adventure like this in ages, and it’s making concentration rather difficult. For example, while I should be working on any of the things listed above, I find myself watching this over and over.

Adventure time! W00t!


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