The Adventure Begins With A Ripple In The Space-Time Continuum


I’m currently sitting at gate C32 at Pearson, patiently awaiting my time to board. Apparently I have another 20 minutes to wait.

I’m filled with a lot of nervous excitement. I’m sure that will pass once I board and realize I have 14 hours of air time to go before I reach the first of two destinations. In this case – Beijing followed by Dalian.

While the flight is roughly 14 hours, I’ll be landing 26 hours after I take off. It’s all due to some sort of weird ripple in the space-time continuum. That, or perhaps the international date line combined with the fact that I’m chasing the sun for 14 hours. Regardless, when I land it will be roughly 7:20pm tomorrow.

I think.

I believe I’ll have a few hours to mill about in the Beijing airport before I board my flight to Dalian. At that point, I’m assuming there will be someone there to pick me up. Who knows. That’s what makes it an adventure.

Whatever happens, I’m at the airport heading somewhere I’ve never been. Naturally, I couldn’t be happier.

See you in the future.



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