Adventuring The Future

Crazy smog
Crazy smog

It’s day something-or-other of my adventure to China. I’ve settled in to my first week without any major hiccups, save for the jet lag. This is by far the worst jet lag I’ve ever experienced. But, I guess that happens when one adventures into the future.

Today I ventured to the peak of Daheishan mountain – which translates to black mountain. While it wasn’t a long hike, it was filled with a lot of history and some pretty epic temples. I was awestruck at the intricate artwork and detail that went into even the simple things. I tried to capture as much as I could but I’m not sure I did it justice. If you’re interested, check out my pics on my Instagram feed. I’d add a direct link, but jet lag is whispering a sleepy-time tune in my ear and I’ll likely be out in minutes. Direct link here.

The one thing I didn’t get to see today was a view from the top of the mountain. A strong cloud of smog blew in early this morning and pretty much destroyed all hope of scenic vistas. I’ve never seen smog this thick, and I have to wonder how many packs of cigarettes I’d have to smoke to do the same damage as the smog I inhaled all day. Despite the potential health risks, the smog gave everything an eerie haunted feel. Figures in the distance looked ominous and dangerous. The landscape seemed to have been devoured by the Nothingness. Shadows looked increasingly menacing. So all told, the smog was pretty cool actually (you know, if one ignores the environmental disaster that is a smog day).

The only other thing I’ve done while here is eat. My hosts seem to think that I need to be fattened up. I fully expect to return with a giant belly full of gastronomic adventures, and probably 20 extra pounds.

Tomorrow – well, today for me, tomorrow for you – I’ll be heading to Golden Pebble beach, and then giving a lecture. After that? Who knows.

For now – I must sleep.


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