China – More Than Meets The Eye

I love jet lag. No really. There’s nothing like waking up at 3am because one’s body feels rested only to start passing out at 6pm.

Can you taste the sarcasm?

Clearly I hate jet lag and all of it’s stupid jet laggy ways. Of course, if this is the price I must pay for wanderlusting adventure-times, I’m at least okay with it.

Despite the messed up sleep schedule, I’m having a blast. The food has been nothing short of awesome, and the hospitality is off the charts. Seriously, the folks here at Dalian Nationalities University are spoiling me rotten.

Today we were supposed to go to Golden Pebble Beach, but once again the air was thick with smog. Instead they opted to take me to see the new Transformers movie. While it won’t be winning any awards any time soon (unless they are awards for big explosions and retinal damaging visual effects), it was a really nice gesture.

Another added bonus for today – I had the pleasure of presenting to the computer science faculty and students. I gave the Dean of the Computer Science and Engineering College an option of several lectures: image processing with wavelets, data visualization, and community engaged scholarship. He opted for community engaged scholarship.

Let me say that again. Community engaged scholarship!

For those of you in the know, that translates to Farm To Fork. That’s right folks, Farm To Fork has made it’s official entry to China. Crazy, no? Even after finding out that I’d be lecturing here, I never thought Farm To Fork would be a topic. I’m pretty stoked.

Anyway, I’m not sure what’s on tap for tomorrow, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. China has been an amazing experience thus far. And best part – the adventure has only just begun.

Can’t. Stop. Smiling.


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