RIP Summer

One of the added bonuses of autumn - the wee fuzzball insists on increases in both snuggle frequency and snuggle duration.
One of the added bonuses of autumn – the wee fuzzball insists on increases in both snuggle frequency and snuggle duration.

I realize that autumn doesn’t officially begin for another week or so, but I think someone needs to state the obvious – summer has passed on. Let’s take a moment to remember summer for what it was. Oh summer – we hardly knew ye!

While summer is my favourite season, spring and autumn also hold a special place in my heart. The difference between the two is that autumn – despite the crisp air, smell of freshly made pies, preserves, beautiful colours, and the like – reminds me that winter is coming. For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know my feelings about winter. If you’re new here, I’m not a fan. Sure, winter comes with its own charms – skiing, sledding, and skating with friends, hot chocolate, newly fallen snow, scotch by the fireplace, stouts, baked goods, mulled cider, and everything spiced – but I just can’t embrace it like the others. Perhaps, like the Grinch, my heart is just two sizes too small. Or perhaps I just suck at maintaining a body temperature that exceeds popsicle status.

Regardless, it seems that autumn has come early to Guelph. Some of the trees have started their transition from green to yellow or red, extra layers are required, and the sun is setting earlier every day. There’s also a different smell in the air – that spicy autumn crispness – sort of a mix between damp earth, decaying leaves, and I’m not sure what. And of course, the truest sign of the season, I feel more compelled to curl up on the couch with the wee fuzzball and a scotch instead of heading outside.

While I’m looking forward to some of the things that autumn brings (did I mention scotch by the fireplace?), I can’t help but feel somewhat sad that summer is over, and that winter isn’t far off. So welcome autumn. May your stay be long, and may you be full of good food (e.g. cherry pies, peach pies, blueberry pies, apple pies, pumpkin pies, strawberry rhubarb pies, … ) and good friends.

And for the love of all things holy, stick around a little longer than summer. I’m really not ready for winter yet.


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  1. Beth says:

    Ok, I have to come clean. Vancouver stole summer. In fact, right now I’m only inside reading this because I had to come inside to get a break from the heat. I was out all morning and early afternoon – first out for a run and then taking in an event down on Columbia Street – and felt like I was going to get either heat stroke or a sunburn (or possibly both!) from the 25 degree weather we are having today!

    We have had crisp mornings the last week or so (except for today), so I know that fall’s on its way. But all the morning reason to enjoy the last days of summer here!

  2. dangillis says:

    I woke up to 2C today. I think Calgary has infected us.

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