A Dog For Cole

A few days ago – maybe a week ago at this point – I saw a post on Facebook that captured my attention. A friend of mine – who on no less than eleventy billion occasions has offered me an amazing smile, support, and fantastic advice – shared some news about her family. Her son Cole was diagnosed this year with Hypoglycemic Unaware Type 1 Diabetes (which means he is insulin dependent, but unable to identify when his sugars drop even to dangerously low levels). I can’t imagine how this has affected her life and the life of her family.

What I do know is that no matter the situation, she is smiling her way through it, or kicking some serious ass. Who am I kidding – she’s more than likely kicking serious ass while smiling about said ass-kicking.

Anyway, after reading about Cole’s condition, I learned several things. First – I had no idea that someone could be glycemic unaware. Second – there is a way to help.

So, dear readers, I’m asking for your help. Cole and his mom have partnered up with Sweet Charity – a registered charity that will place a medical dog with Cole (at a cost of approximately $10000). This will vastly improve Cole’s quality of life, while also giving his mom and dad some peace of mind. To match Cole with a trained dog, $5000 needs to be raised (with the rest provided by Sweet Charity). If you can afford to help out, please click here and donate whatever you can. If you can’t afford to donate, please consider sharing this post with your network of friends and family.


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