Un-Wipe-Offable Smiles Are The Best

I'm sort of smiling like this, but bigger. And more dorky like.
I’m sort of smiling like this, but bigger. And more dorky like.

I woke up today with a huge smile that stayed with me as I sauntered downstairs to feed the wee fuzzball, and myself. It stayed with me while I showered, got dressed, and headed off to work. Throughout my class and what seemed to be a never-ending string of meetings, the smile was there – perhaps subdued slightly, buried just under the surface, so as not to arouse suspicions from my students or colleagues – but it was definitely there. Even now, as I sit in my office trying to plough through my hydra-esque to-do list, I find myself smiling like some sort of kid on Christmas morning.

Why all the smiling? Well, I may or may not have just done something a little crazy and a whole lot awesome and holy-hell shitballs exciting.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This all started shortly after I returned from China. My friend Rick – whom you may remember from my various mountain climbing adventures – sent me a text asking whether or not I’d be interested in going on a very specific adventure; an adventure to end all adventures. You might think that having just returned home from an epic adventure in China that I may have had my fill of adventure. Of course that would be very very wrong, because I’m always, always, always wanderlusting. Always. ALWAYS.

And so is he.

Anyway, at first glance I assumed his text was asking about said adventure to end all adventures so that we could start planning for, you know, next year. Or perhaps even the year after that. But Rick had other plans.

“Hells ya”, I texted back, “when?”

“Christmas” was his reply.

In the real world, my response time would have been measured in the seconds and microseconds it took for my brain to send the necessary signals to my fingers, for my fingers to hammer out my response and hit send, for said response to be converted into binary digits and sent thousands of kilometres through the intertubes to Rick’s awaiting phone, to be translated from binary, displayed, read by his eye-bulbs, and interpreted by his adventure loving brain.

But let’s be honest, even before my brain processed Rick’s text, he knew what my response was going to be. Because I’m always, always, always wanderlusting. Always. ALWAYS.

Since his original text we have continued to chat about this very specific adventure. Logistics and dates have been thrown around. We have discussed cost and whether or not it was feasible. We have also considered the ramifications of adventuring over the Christmas holidays when normally we’d be spending time with family.

Which brings us to today and my entirely un-wipe-offable smile. I may or may not have just booked the adventure to end all adventures, and this wanderlusting nerd has become a complete giddy dork. Inside I’m squeeing. Seriously squeeing. I may also be dancing a little bit in my chair. And by a little bit I clearly mean I CAN’T STOP DANCING IN MY CHAIR and HOLY SHITBALLS I MAY BE FREAKING OUT.

In 70 days I’ll be boarding a plane and heading east. My trek will take me first to Philadelphia, then to Doha, Qatar, and finally to Kathmandu, Nepal. There I shall meet up with Rick and we’ll begin the adventure to end all adventures – also known as HIKING TO EVEREST BASECAMP!



Clearly I’m stoked. Clearly Rick is stoked. Clearly this is going to be amazing. Now to survive the next 10 weeks.

Oh, and Mom and Dad, you have nothing to worry about. I’ve already told Rick that if we run into any Yeti, I’m going to offer him up as a sacrifice for my safe passage. Ha!


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  1. circusspeed says:

    Going to be a crazy awesome trip! Good luck, you guys got this no problem 😉

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