Us And A Really Big Mountain

These two nerds are going to climb a really big mountain.
These two nerds are going to climb a really big mountain.

Several years ago, Rick and I took on the Big Mountain Challenge. Together we raised a bunch of money while climbing some of the most amazing mountains in Alberta. This year we’ve decided to take our adventures to a new level by hiking higher than we’ve ever been before. Specifically, we’re taking on the challenge of Everest Base Camp – 17590 feet (5361 metres) above sea level.

Both of us realize how lucky we are to be able to do something like this, and we want to use this opportunity to give back. Specifically, we’ve decided to raise money to support the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).

Why the CNIB? Several years ago I learned that my retinas weren’t all they were cracked up to be. Without getting into the details, the news came as a shock. Until that time I’d never really given my vision much thought; I’d never actually considered what my life might be like if I couldn’t see. And that’s when I first really paid attention to the amazing work that the CNIB does to help blind and partially sighted people across the country live full lives.

Together Rick and I are hoping to raise $5361 for the CNIB. That’s $1 for every meter above sea level we’ll be once we make it to Base Camp. If you are able to, please help us out by donating whatever you can here. If you can’t donate, please share our fundraising campaign within your networks. Let’s help make sure the CNIB can keep doing the awesome stuff that they do for those in our community who are blind or partially sighted. Every penny counts.


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    What a beautiful cause. Good luck guys!

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