Sexy Frozen Corpse

The countdown to Nepal is on. Well, technically is was on the minute Rick and I confirmed our flights several weeks ago, but now it’s really on because I leave in less than 4 weeks.

Four weeks! Holy schnikeys! I have so much to do. Fortunately Rick has been keeping me informed about all of the things that I should have done (such as making sure my passport is valid – check), or should be doing (such as purchasing long underwear and other gear). He’s also been so good as to let me know when I should be doing certain things so that I don’t let them slide. You know, things like getting drugs for altitude sickness and gastrointestinal disease, verifying that I have the appropriate insurance in the event that a helicopter is required to lift my sorry ass off of Everest1, and getting any necessary shots2.

Honestly, based on this list you might think that Death himself is going to be following us up the mountain.

Of course we have to get to the mountain first. To do this Rick will fly west from Calgary and I will fly East from Toronto. At some point on December 17th we will meet in Kathmandu and likely giggle when we see each other because holy shit we’ll be in Nepal and also because we’ll be stupid-tired. But that’s not where the mountain trek begins. Some time on the 18th or 19th we’ll fly from Kathmandu to Lukla. For those not in the know – and honestly, before Rick told me, I was not in the know – Lukla has the most dangerous airport in the world. And I don’t mean it’s in the top 100 or top 10 of the most dangerous airports. It is the most dangerous airport in the world. Just ask the almighty Wikipedia3. With a runway that’s less than 500m long, we’re basically starting our adventure with an adventure. And that dear readers, is the type of adventuring we like!

Bottom line – this adventure has the very real potential to become a misadventure of epic proportions. But that’s okay, because even if I exit this mortal coil in some grand adventurous fashion, I’ll leave knowing that I was doing something I’ve always wanted to do with one of the best people I know. And on the plus side, at least I’ll leave behind a frozen sexy corpse. Ha!

1 Or my sexy frozen corpse as the case may be.

2 Apparently rabies is a rather big deal in Nepal. Fortunately Rick made the mistake of informing me that he has his shots already, so I’ll just make sure that he is always between me and the wildlife. Because what’s the point of getting shots if you can’t be a human shield to protect your friend?

3 Dear pilot friends – would you fly into this airport? Why or why not? Please respond using Haiku or interpretive dance.


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