Because Shiny

Between snuggling with the wee fuzzball, chores, and making a vat of pasta so large that it’s sure to feed me for the rest of the week, today has been rather relaxed. In fact, the only thing on my list of things to accomplish was to venture over to the mall to purchase a shiny new pair of Merrill Chameleon Thermo 8 Waterproof boots for my upcoming adventure in Nepal.

Did I mention I leave in just over 3 weeks? I digress.

As I was saying, I had only one thing on my list of things to accomplish. Boots. I had to buy boots. But first I needed coffee, because let’s be real here – there’s no way I could handle the throngs of Christmas shoppers without coffee. Second, I had to navigate – Starbucks in hand – through the throngs of Christmas shoppers, all while trying not to spill my precious go-go juice. Third, having made my way through the throngs, I had to buy my boots.

Simple enough, no?

Except there was one minor hiccup in my plan. Purchasing said boots would require the store-o-boots to actually have my size in stock. My plan was almost perfectly executed; foiled at the very last minute.

I left the store-o-boots dejected.

So instead I bought myself a new 13″ Mac Book Pro. Because shiny!


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