Because Stevie

On Tuesday eve I was able to cross off another item from my Not So Bucket List. To be honest, I never actually expected to cross this item off of my list since, in some way, it was completely out of my control. In fact, it seemed far more likely that it would stay on my list, taunting me for all time.

But then Tuesday night happened. For whatever reason – call it an act of the Fates, call it the perfect alignment of the stars and planets, call it whatever you want – I sit here now on the other side of an amazing experience looking back and grinning like an idiot.

Getting to the point of it all, the grin that has been plastered on my face is the result of one Mr. Stevie Wonder. More specifically, it’s the result of finally being able to see him perform live with my friend Gerarda. Also, did I mention we had seats in the 8th row? VIP seats no less? To a concert celebrating his album Songs In The Key Of Life.

I may still be grinning like an idiot.

The concert was absolutely amazing. Sir Duke. Pastime Paradise. Isn’t She Lovely. So many amazing songs off of one amazing album. And if that wasn’t enough, he played well past the standard end-of-show time at the ACC so that we could hear some of his other non-Songs-In-The-Key-Of-Life songs. He played right until the stroke of midnight, belting out tune after tune, while we – his captive audience – danced, cheered, and basically basked in the amazingness that is Mr. Wonder.

By far this was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Thanks Stevie. And thanks Gerarda for an awesome adventure.



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