Because Last-Minute

It’s approximately 2:30pm on December 15th. I’m sitting in my office, having just finished a PhD examination for a student in Integrative Biology1. On the outside I’m calm and collected, but inside I’m freaking out. I’ve been managing to keep myself focused – dealing with phone calls, wrapping up last-minute things, working on a paper, and various other academic odds-and-ends. But seriously – inside – I’m a giant ball of excitement.

The level of excitement is like nothing I’ve felt before. It’s even crazier than when I took off for China earlier this year, and I thought that was intense. I’m not quite sure why I’m feeling the way I do this time around – perhaps because I haven’t really done any of the organizing (not that I organized anything for China, to be honest). Fortunately for me, the chore of organizing the Biggest Mountain Challenge has fallen on Rick’s very capable shoulders. That means that he’s had the pleasure over the last several months of keeping me organized – or at least trying to. Not an easy task by any measure. And because I’m awesome (read forgetful), and despite all of his good work, I’m likely going to forget something. I just hope that whatever I do forget isn’t terribly important.

Anyway, I’m about to pack up the office for the last time this year. I just need to print off a few documents, say farewell to some colleagues, and head out to finish up the last-minute things that are still on my list.

The adventure begins in about 16 hours. Holy freaking shitballs.

1 He passed! W00h00!


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