Because Physics Is Hard

I wrote this a few nights ago. Or maybe it was only 24 hours ago. As I’ve stated before, travelling to the future messes with my ability to comprehend the space-time continuum. Regardless, I post now what I wrote in my past, which may now be your present. Physics is hard.

The Adventure Begins

After a night of packing, unpacking, and then packing again, I think I’ve managed to pack all of the things I think I’m going to need for my epic Biggest Mountain Challenge.

At this point I guess it doesn’t matter. I’ve already landed in Philadelphia after departing Toronto at 6:30am. I’m currently sitting at gate A17 with a bowl of oatmeal, my carry-on luggage, and my trusty computer. If I’ve forgotten something, all I can hope is that it won’t be important.

The flight to Doha, Qatar will begin boarding in about 20 minutes (departure time set for 10:30am). Then it’s just me and several hundred other people soaring through the air like majestic eagles. Or, perhaps more accurately, me and several hundred other people sitting uncomfortably while watching too many movies, getting broken sleep, and breathing in some rather stale air for the duration.

Travel is so glamorous.

The Adventure Continues

After many, many, many hours, I’ve safely arrived in Kathmandu. I am tired. The end.


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