Because Altitude

Another post written yesterday but posted today. This time due to the solar powered router not having power once the sun set behind the mountains.

We’ve arrived in Dingboche without Rick. Having reached 4000m earlier in the day, it became clear that he was suffering from altitude sickness.

Shortly before lunch he made the call. Our guide presented several options, but insisted that it would be far better and safer for Rick to get a helicopter ride back to Kathmandu. Sadly I agreed. As much as I wanted to reach base camp with Rick, it wasn’t worth the risk.

And so shortly after lunch the group said their goodbyes. I hugged Rick once, and then again. As much as I make fun of him, he is one of the most amazing people I know, and not having him continue on the trek with me is heartbreaking. I think – no, I know – I needed the second hug more than he did. In truth, I may have shed a tear – but let’s just keep that between you and me.

Anyway, I’ve chatted with Rick and he’s back in Kathmandu safe and sound.

As for the rest of us, we’ve settled into our lodge, resting after a long day of trekking to 4400m. On one hand I’m excited because this is the highest I’ve ever been with my feet still firmly planted on the ground. But on the other, I’m left wishing that my trekking partner in crime were here to experience this with me.

Rick – if you’re reading this – you are already missed. Feel better, and I’ll see you in about a week.


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