Because Dingboche To Leboche

Yesterday we spent our morning hiking up to 4900m just outside of Dingboche to acclimatize ourselves for the treks to come, including of course, base camp.

The rest of the eve was spent wandering the town, and relaxing in the lodge. Since it was Christmas Eve, we enjoyed some local cookies. I snuggled up in my sleeping bag, and watched as the rest of my group played Uno. Because Dingboche is just that rocking.

Honestly, it was a great way to spend Christmas Eve. I was warm, and enjoying a surreal experience on my way to base camp. Most of the eve I sat content in my little sleeping bag cocoon while staring into space. It was perfect. Well, almost. I was missing Rick.

This morning we woke for a 7:30 breakfast. For the second day in a row I enjoyed Tibetan bread with jam and honey and a steaming hot lemon tea. Just the right food for our hike to Leboche.

We started our trek around 8:30, heading up a steep hill until we reached a gently inclined slope. From there we trekked for about 1.5 hours until we arrived at Thukla where we stopped for tea and a snack. We took a few extra moments because the next hour was going to be intense. Approximately 200 or more meters almost straight up.

In proper style we crushed it. The top of the incline brought us to Thukla pass and to memorial after memorial for climbers who had spent their last moments on Everest. It was quite humbling to stand at the foot of monuments dedicated to some of the most amazing climbers in the world.

We carried on for another hour or so, eventually reaching Leboche – our destination for the eve. We also crushed our trek today, reaching our destination in 4.5 hours instead of the expected 5-6.

Tomorrow begins our push to either base camp or to Kala Patthar. We haven’t decided which we want to do first. If the weather holds out, I’m voting for Kala Patthar, because it will provide us far better views of the peak of Everest and I believe a bird’s eye view of base camp.

For now, it’s time for some rest.

Merry Christmas all.


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  1. Beth says:

    Merry Christmas, Dr. Dan!

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