Because 2015 Is The New 2014

Rick and I are still enjoying the comforts of our fancy-pants hotel in Kathmandu. We’ve just finished eating breakfast in bed (because fancy-pants hotel), and are contemplating venturing out to wander the streets of the Thamel district to get some delicious coffee from Himalayan Java.

It’s a rough life, but someone has to live it.

Anyway, given that we can’t be lounging around all day all non-productive like, I thought I’d take some time and begin to list some of the goals I have for 2015. These are presented in no particular order; some come from my Not-So-Bucket-List, others are a part of my 40th Birthday Challenge, and there are also a few new ones.

Bring it on 2015!

  • Running & Health
    • I have a lot of work to do here because my running life suffered greatly for various reasons in 2014. So, with that in mind, in 2015 I plan to
      • cumulatively run at least 500km
      • cumulatively bike at least 500km
      • run at least 2 half marathons
      • run at least 1 full marathon
      • do the push up challenge (again)
      • hike at least 3 new mountains (I’m looking at you Temple, Castle, Fortress, and/or Deception Pass)
      • stretch more
      • move more (so that I’m not sitting in my office chair for hours on end)
      • be still more (that is, spend some time each day just breathing)
  • Academic
    • I don’t often set too many academic goals because research can be weird and non-linear. Regardless, here are a few things I’m hoping to accomplish in 2015.
      • Submit at least 10 articles for publication, including
        • 1 about community engaged scholarship & pedagogy
        • 1 about knowledge translation & transfer
        • 1 about spatial statistics
        • 1 about sonification and gesture control devices for the visually impaired
        • 1 about alternative data collection methods
      • Publish at least 5 articles
      • Publish with Justin & Gerarda
      • Publish with Corey (again)
      • Run 2 hackathons
      • Present at least 5 talks (invited or otherwise)
      • Travel for at least 1 conference
  • Financial
    • I’m always trying to improve my financial situation by paying down debt (both mortgage and other), and increasing my overall net worth. In 2015 I’m going to strive for even better financially speaking. Specifically:
      • Increase my net worth by $25000 (by saving and paying down debt)
      • Reduce my debt by $15000
      • Save cash by limiting my lunch spending on campus
      • Try to eat out less often
  • Fund Raising
    • I set a rather lofty goal of raising $40000 for charity during my 40th year. I have roughly 8 months to make that goal a reality. I think at this point I’ve raised roughly $6000. Only ~$34000 to go. No big deal.
  • Farm To Fork, Food Security & Food Waste
    • The Farm To Fork project opened my eyes to the issues of food insecurity in Guelph, and beyond. This past semester, my students also worked on the Appleseed Collective and Garden Fresh Box programs – both designed to reduce food waste and ensure everyone has access to healthy food. I was also involved in the Food Waste Hackathon (via the folks that brought you the Feeding Nine Billion project), and the Seed Community Food Hub – groups that are working hard to solve the issues of hunger around the globe, and close to home. This year I’m going to continue my work in this realm. Specifically, I’m going to work to get the Farm To Fork mobile app completed and published in the Apple Store, and I’m going to work to get the Appleseed Collective and Garden Fresh Box programs launched by September/October. I’m going to spend a good chunk of my time working with the student winners of the 1st Food Waste Hackathon so that we can also get their food waste solutions to market, and of course, help develop and launch the 2nd Food Waste Hackathon. It’s definitely going to be a busy year, but it’ll be a lot of fun.
  • Food, Culture, Reading & Writing
    • Last year I actually managed to do/learn quite a few cultural things through travel, and by getting my butt out to various shows (including my third viewing of The Book Of Mormon with some of my minions, and seeing Stevie Wonder withGerarda). This year I am going to continue that trend, starting with a trip to NYC withGerarda to see Hedwig and The Angry Inch. I’m also going to set the following goals for 2015:
      • See at least 3 shows/concerts/plays
      • Read 4 novels (for fun)
      • Learn to cook 4 new foods
      • Eat 40 new foods (part of my 40th year challenge)
      • Eat 40 pies (part of my 40th year challenge)
      • Drink 40 new scotches (part of my 40th year challenge)
      • Drink 40 new beers (this will be the second version of this challenge, the original was part of my 40th year challenge)
      • Write at least 100 blog posts here at ConsumedByWanderlust
      • Write at least 20 blog posts on
      • Write at least 20 blog posts on the Farm To Fork blog
  • Travel
    • How do I top 2014? I mean, I was fortunate enough to travel to 5 cities in China, explore Kathmandu in Nepal, as well as many villages on my way to Everest base camp. I was able to fly out to hike some more mountains with Rick, and I managed to get to Ottawa a few times for my friend Matt’s wedding. It was by all accounts, an epic travel year. Since there are so many things that are still up in the air pertaining to the next 12 months, I’m going to keep my travel goals simple:
      • Visit NYC to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Gerarda
      • Visit Rick to climb some more mountains
      • Visit Matt & Monique in Ottawa
      • Visit at least one of Boston or Chicago
      • Go on a grand 40th birthday adventure. This might include travel to Asia, Europe, Africa, or across Canada. I’m keeping this goal really loose since I’m not sure if teaching in China is on the list of possibilities again this year.
      • Visit at least 5 new cities

And there we have it folks – my brand new list of things to accomplish in 2015. This year is going to be awesome.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    I don’t believe you’ve been to New Westminster, BC yet, so that could be one of your five new cities. I’m just saying.

    For half marathons, I recommend the BMO Vancouver in May or the Montreal Rock’n’Roll in September.

    In totally unrelated news, did I mention that I miss your face?

    Also, great list of goals, Dr. Dan. I look forward to reading all about these over the coming year!

    1. dangillis says:

      I miss your face too. 🙂

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