Because My Health Demands Adventure

It’s now been 13 full days since I returned home from Nepal. Since then I’ve managed to organize my semester (I hope), give a talk, submit a couple of papers, adjudicate a grant, begin lecturing the three courses I’m teaching, and organize the students who foolishly decided they wanted to work with me this semester1. Also, I got the flu.

The stupid, stupid, everything is achy and hurty and I can’t stop coughing flu.

I blame the lack of fresh mountain air, and my sudden lack of adventure. Don’t get me wrong, my job provides plenty of adventure, but not adventure of the mountain trekking variety. Basically what I’m saying is that my health demands adventure. Demands!

And since I’m not one to risk my health (because chocolate and scotch and cookies and beer and other deliciously delicious treats are good for me, right?), I’ve already booked my next adventure. In a few short weeks I shall be boarding another glorified lawn dart as I make my way to New York City. Amazingly, this will be my first trip there since 2013.

What am I going to be doing in NYC? The only thing officially on the agenda is to go and see Hedwig & the Angry Inch with Gerarda and Alan. Other than that I simply plan to wander around enjoying one of my favourite cities. Oh, and I’m also going to be meeting up with Peter – whom you might remember from my grand adventure in China in the old time-y days of the summer of 2014.

While it’s not quite the mountains, the upcoming NYC adventure has quieted the voices in my head that leave me constantly wanderlusting. I’m not saying I’m not wanderlusting at the moment, it’s just that NYC has provided enough of a distraction that I can focus on other things, such as kicking this stupid, stupid, everything is achy and hurty and I can’t stop coughing flu to the curb.

1 Insert the sound of maniacal laughter here. Also, I should be tenting my fingers Montgomery Burns style.

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  1. Beth says:

    Glad to see you take your health seriously. Because adventure-deficiency, if left untreated, can have very dire consequences.

    Also, why am I not going to NYC? I really should fix that. I am going to Whistler for a ski trip on Monday, so I suppose that will satiate me… for now.

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