I’m Not Dead

Dear Universe – please don’t take the title of this post as some sort of challenge. K, thanks, bye.

And now that I have that out-of-the-way, I guess you’ve possibly noticed that I’ve been rather quiet over the past few weeks – er, months. Months?! How did that happen? Seriously, how the hell did I go 121 days without posting something to this blog? Epic fail Gillis. Epic fail.

You might think it’s because nothing has happened in those 121 days; that I’ve done the wake-work-work some more-work even more-sleep a little-repeat thing, and somehow avoided all sorts of adventure. You might also think that I’ve been under a rock, or perhaps eating bonbons on the couch whilst watching my picture-shows.

Mostly you’d be wrong. I have had a few nights of bonbons and picture-shows, and I definitely have had too many wake-work-work some more-work even more-sleep a little-repeat days, but a lot of other really cool stuff has happened. For instance, I went to NYC for the eleventy-billionth time at the end of February, and it was still just as amazing as ever. Of course, how can it not be perfect when I got to spend an extended weekend there gorging on amazing food, seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch, hanging with Gerarda and Alan, meeting up with Arlene, and then spending the rest of the time with Peter, his sister, and a few of their friends?

In March I had the pleasure of watching the Farm To Fork students receive the Be The Change Award at the Student Life Awards Banquet. I can’t remember a time when I’ve had a stupider, prouder, wider, toothier grin on my face. Our community partners were also honoured with the Emily Hayes Community Partnership Award. So ya – I was all sorts of proud.

Work, as always, has been crazy busy but with a lot of great outcomes.

In January I started teaching a new senior undergraduate transdisciplinary course that my colleague Dr. Shoshanah Jacobs and I have called ICON (a.k.a. Ideas Congress). We spent most of last year developing the course, and were stoked when we had 23 students from 14 different disciplines across campus sign up. The course was incredibly fun, and based on the final projects, hugely rewarding. Our community partner was so happy that they are now trying to figure out how to get some of the ideas that the students came up with in front of people who might be able to help turn them into things instead of just ideas. And based on feedback and student demand, Sho and I are trying to organize ICON 2.0 – hopefully for next winter.

Also in March, I watched as a group of students from two different colleges joined forces for the NetZero Hackathon. We spent an entire weekend on campus, and the results were amazing. The teams came up with some really cool projects that could help homeowners reduce their energy consumption. One of the projects is currently a finalist for the ScotiaBank EcoLiving Award.

And as of three weeks ago I’ve started running again (after an 8 month break), because bonbons, the couch, and picture-shows have not been kind.

Honestly, the past 121 days have been packed with many more things, but if I write about all of them I’m going to be writing forever. Also, some of the things are going to warrant their own post because, well, you’ll just have to wait to find out. Ha! Cliffhanger!

Bottom line – I’m not dead. I’m just really, really, really bad at keeping up to date with this blog.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick Chin says:

    Woah, you’re alive!

  2. Good to hear, I haven’t been posting much myself as school keeps me busy, but hopefully we’ll both get back to it 🙂

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