For those who have been keeping track, you’ll know that I’ve been a faculty member in the School of Computer Science at the University of Guelph since January of 2011. What you might not know is that my position was a 5 year contractually limited position with an expiry date of December 31, 2015.

In other words, my time as a faculty member at the University of Guelph has a best before date of December 31 – which as of today is slightly more than 200 days away.

It’s hard to believe that 5 years is almost up. It’s also hard to believe that my contract officially ends in slightly more than 200 days. In theory that means that I have only 200 days to finish up all of the projects I’ve started since becoming a faculty member.

Except that’s a lie, because as of today I have been regularized. What does that mean? It means that I’m officially on the tenure track boat. My original contract is gone. In its place, I have a permanent position that will keep me at the University of Guelph for the long-term.

How happy am I? Imagine me with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. Now double that. That’s almost me, except add a wee celebratory scotch and you’ll have some sense of how happy I am. Honestly, all I’m missing is pie.

Yup. The only thing missing right now is pie. Delicious, delicious pie. That’s all I’m missing. Pie.

I am missing pie.


It’s missing.

* cough *

I’m not suggesting that someone should bring me pie to help me celebrate, but I’m also not not suggesting that.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth Snow says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! No one was ever more deserving of anything ever in the history of ever than you are deserving of this!

    1. dangillis says:

      Thanks Dr. Beth.

  2. Bumstead says:

    Congrats Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gavan Watson says:

    Great news Dan, hope your new travels down the Tenure Track are smooth!

  4. Mmmm pie, what sorry did you mention something else?

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