Vancouver Bound

In a few short days I’ll be boarding my flight to Vancouver – my first flight since returning from New York in March1. You might say I’m a wee bit excited.

While the trip is technically for an academic adventure7 (a.k.a. conference), there’s a super awesome bonus to going. As luck would have it, I am going to have sufficient time for shenanigans of the Dr. Beth and Nancy variety. W00h00!

While Dr. Beth lives in Vancouver, Nancy does not. But, it turns out that Nancy is going to the exact same conference because the Venn diagram of our collective nerd-passions just so happens to intersect at pedagogy8 –  the main theme of the conference. For those not in the know, I’ve actually known Nancy since grade 9 (we sat next to each other in art class all through high school). Who would have thought that 25+ years later we’d be presenting the same kind of nerdery at the same venue?

Bottom line – Dr. Beth and Nancy are both amazing people who I don’t get to see frequently enough, and I can’t wait to see them. And of course, you have to know that we’re going to spend a good portion of our time plotting over copious beverages, laughing until it hurts, and then laughing some more.

I can’t wait.

1 Wait, what? I went to New York and didn’t blog about it? It’s true. Because this year I’ve very clearly been the worst blogger in the history of bloggers2. In short – I went to New York with Gerarda and Alan3, saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch4, hung out with Arlene5, and Peter6 and his sister Siobhan.

2 Seriously. I’ve been slacking big time.

3 Roughly our eleventy-billionth adventure together.

4 The term amaze-balls is thrown around a lot these days, but Hedwig was amaze-balls. It probably didn’t hurt that I got to see it with the original Hedwig.

5 One of the most amazing people I know.

6 Whom you might remember from such adventures as this, this, and this.

7 I’ll be presenting at the annual conference of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education with my grad student, Corey.

8 Actually, the intersection of all three of our nerd-passions far exceeds pedagogy. Because we’re nerds. Nerds aren’t one-dimensional.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    So what you are saying in in footnote #8, is that we need to start making Venn diagrams out of spheres? I think you are on to something!

    Can’t wait to see you, nerd!

    1. dangillis says:

      Yes. Yes indeed.

  2. MaitoMike says:

    Hope you enjoy your stay in my beautiful hometown! The weather should be hot, and there is plenty of good eating. By the way, I love the footnotes. Good ol’ academic writing, eh? 😉

  3. Rick Chin says:

    You wrote this post 2 months ago. You need to write more posts!

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