That Time A Pipe Burst

Remember several years ago – three years ago to be exact – when a pipe upstairs decided to burst and flood not only my, but also my neighbour’s condo? Ya, those were good times.

All Levels Of Lazy

After conquering Middle Sister on Saturday, Rick, Paul, and I had originally planned on taking on the challenge of either Castle or Fortress mountains, or possibly another peak with a not-so-politically-correct name1. Instead we were all sorts of lazy.

On Top Of Middle Sister

Let me begin by saying that it’s the morning after my adventure with Rick and Paul to the top of Middle Sister, and I’m still exhausted. My body is completely knackered, I slept like the dead, and there are several muscles in my body that I am only now aware of. In short, yesterday was epic.

The Trouble With Rundle

Yesterday Rick and I spent the afternoon hiking the East End of Rundle. Located close to Canmore, the 2,530m mountain offers a fantastic view of the surrounding area.

Decisions Decisions

For the past several years I’ve been entering my photos into the #guelPhonography photo competition. The gist – celebrate Guelph by snapping photos of it with your phone. You’re allowed to edit the photos, but only using apps that you have on your phone. Participants are permitted 3 photo entries.


Shenaniganning – is that even a word? Actually, I’m not sure I care. All I really care about is that I’m going to be boarding a plane today to head off to Calgary to summit some peaks with Rick and Paul. Can’t. Freaking. Wait.


Get it? Four Ts? Forties? Ha. I kill me.