Today I Am Meme

Being the first day back in the office since I sauntered off to Europe for my most excellent Christmas adventure, I decided to ease myself back into work today. That is, I ploughed through my email, dealt with budgets, worked on an abstract, a grant application, and a paper. At some point during the day I opted to upload a new Facebook profile photo. That’s when my day got really interesting.

It seems that aside from numerous Likes on Facebook, some friends saw an opportunity – an opportunity to turn my new profile photo into a meme. And this dear readers is why I love my friends.

The photo in question – snapped two summers ago (I think) by my friend Bang – can be found at the top of this post. Bang snapped the photo while I was in the process of doing something, instead of simply capturing me smiling like a twit into the lens of the camera. Personally, I like it.

Apparently so did my friends.

I’ll just leave their improvements here.


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