Angered Up My Blood

My blood pressure got quite the workout this week. In fact, I’m pretty sure that by Friday my blood had reached a new level of angered up.

I’m not going to get into the details of why this was the case because they truly aren’t that exciting, and rehashing them will only serve to anger up my blood again. The point is, events fell into place that had me seeing all sorts of rage.

The worst part is that the rage kept building all week long. Monday and Tuesday, if I remember correctly, were rage free. Wednesday was not. Fortunately for me I’ve been trying to address the work-life balance thing, so I spent Wednesday eve with my friend Lara. We chatted about nothing and everything, and got caught up on Christmas adventures, work, and family news. This was enough to calm the rage-beast within.

By Thursday afternoon, however, the rage-beast was screaming once more. Or perhaps the screaming was actually the sound of blood rushing violently through my ears. Whatever the case, I was not in a good space. My only saving grace was the meeting I’d scheduled with my minions at Baker Street Station. My minions are all very intelligent, and hardworking, but they are also a bunch of lovable goofballs who constantly make me smile, make me proud, and remind me why I love my job. Again, the rage-beast was quelled.

On Friday I awoke feeling positive. The rage-beast seemed to be completely asleep. I putzed around the house, dealt with some emails, worked on some papers and course prep, and basically kept things low key; a conscious effort to find my zen and stay with it. Sadly this was short lived. The rage-beast was awake and demanding blood. Lots of blood. All the blood. My head was pounding, and my stomach hurt. The knots in my stomach didn’t begin to unwind until I had to attend a meeting at 3pm where the focus was on my future and the potential directions I wanted to go. They didn’t fully let go until I spent some time with friends that eve.

Given the crazy ups and downs, I decided to give myself a mental health day yesterday. I stayed home, curled up with Elliot, and avoided almost all communication with the outside world. I made some coffee, grabbed a blanket, and settled in for a day of binge watching Netflix. I opted to be a sloth, and it was glorious. Today is almost a carbon copy of yesterday except I’m poking away at various emails and minor things on my to-do list. The rage-beast appears to be completely asleep, and I’m working on a long term strategy to sedate him over an extended period. If I could, I’d destroy him outright.

Anyway, despite the fact that I spent most of the week dealing with angry blood, I’m happy and thankful that I chose to double down on my efforts to address my work-life balance earlier this year. If I hadn’t, I imagine that I would have combusted from within as my blood continued to reach new levels of angry.

Mostly, however, I’m really thankful that I have such an awesome collection of people in my life that I can rely on whenever situations like this come up.




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