Rigolet Bound

The winter reading break is fast approaching and I can honestly say that I can’t wait.

While we’re about to start only the 5th week of the semester, the past 4 weeks have been packed. Between running a new course, offering ICON for the second time, and working on other projects, reading week promises to be just what the Doctor ordered. No classes, no assignments, no grading – check, check, and check.

No responsibilities?

Not quite.

In less than one week, Oliver, Alex, and I will be boarding several planes on our way back to Rigolet, Labrador to continue our respective research projects. We’ve already lined up numerous meetings and interviews, including an open house and a community dinner. And if all goes well, I’m also going to be able to work on a few papers and grants while there. From a work perspective, it’s going to be a very full week.

Of course, it’s also going to be a lot of fun. I’m excited to see the people I met while I was visiting for the first time in October. I’m also excited to see the beauty of Rigolet in the winter. As I mentioned when I previously wrote about Rigolet, there’s an intense feeling of an ancient soul, a whisper of wisdom beyond our understanding that permeates the land around it. I imagine the intensity of this wisdom will only be magnified by the silence that accompanies a blanket of snow, and the endless winter night sky, leaving me feeling small and insignificant, yet somehow connected to it all.

Rigolet bound; that makes me happy.






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