I Heart Travel Points


This morning began as most others do. I awoke. I checked the Twitters. I checked the FaceBooks. I checked the various news feeds for my daily need to knows. And then I checked my email.

As usual, anywhere between 20 and eleventy-billion emails poured into my inbox. Sigh.

I began the process of scanning, filtering, deleting, or responding – as warranted by the email I’d received. Spam – delete. Incoming student questions – respond. University announcements – scan and filter.

And then I saw it – that one email with the power to stop me in my tracks, to make me smile and giggle and think holy hell I’m a lucky SOB. I saw the email confirming the details of my trip to China. Flights. Hotels. And details about the course I’ll be teaching (including the room location, time, and number of students involved). This is HAPPENING! And soon! I’m officially leaving on Monday.

What an awesome way to start my day.

Of course, I had to celebrate this news. And so, between two of today’s various meetings, I found time to sit down and finally book my flights to Europe. Because who doesn’t celebrate a trip with another trip? And so, dear readers, I’ll be heading to Europe with several other friends to celebrate our 40th birthdays (yes, mine was almost a year ago but I’m still celebrating). Our destinations include Scotland, France, and Spain. W00t!

The best part of booking today was actually a bit of a surprise. I decided to consider booking the trip using some of my Avion Visa travel points. I assumed since the trip was not a typical round-trip situation (that is, I was flying into Glasgow, but returning from Barcelona), it wouldn’t be worth it to use points. I assumed wrong. After exhausting all of my points, the final cost was slightly less than $58.

HOLY HELL! I’m going to Europe for less than $58.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again – I am one lucky bastard.




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