And So It Begins

Today begins an epic summer of travel.

In just over an hour I’ll be boarding Hainan flight 7976 on my way to Beijing, China – the first and only stop on my way to Dalian. Unlike my previous trip to China which saw me wandering from Dalian to Xian, to Hua Shan, to Shanghai, and finally to Beijing, this time I’ll likely be spending the entire time in Dalian. I say likely because there’s a possibility that I might be able to sneak away for a weekend to visit – well – who knows where I’ll end up? My visa allows me two entries to China, so it opens up more options than my previous visit. This means that places like Japan and South Korea are definitely on the list.

Or I might just stay put and enjoy all that Dalian has to offer. Dalian is a big city with a lot to see, so I could easily spend years exploring it without ever feeling like I’m seeing the same thing twice.

Of course, while I’m in Dalian I’m also going to be rather busy teaching a class of 90 students a course that I normally offer the students of the School of Computer Science at the University of Guelph every fall. The course – known as CIS3750 Systems Analysis and Design in Applications – tasks students with learning techniques related to the development process, including ideation, requirements gathering, time and task management, design processes, and prototyping (to name a few). For those not in the know, this is the same course that gave life to the Farm To Fork project, and began development of tools for Guelph Community Health Centre’s Garden Fresh Box program, and Meal Exchange’s Trick or Eat Campaign.

The trick is that I only have 3 weeks to teach this course when I normally cover the course content over 12 weeks (excluding the 2 week exam period). Whatever happens, I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun. And hopefully, the students get something out of it.

Anyway, as I mentioned this is just the beginning of my summer travels. After China, there’s still Scotland, France, Spain, Malawi, a return to Rigolet, and potentially a mountain-filled adventure with Rick at the end of the summer.

Yes. I’m all sorts of smiles.



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  1. Potentially? You mean definitely. MAKE IT HAPPEN GILLIS!

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