From Barcelona To Xàbia

I’m currently sitting with a freshly brewed coffee listening to the Buena Vista Social Club soundtrack while looking out over the town of Xàbia, Spain and the Mediterranean Sea from our fantastic home-away-from-home on the hill.

I really couldn’t ask for anything more, save for a tall frosty beer and some fresh pasta. Fortunately, there are some beers chilling in the fridge and tonight’s menu is spaghetti; so ya, I’m basically set.

After spending a few days exploring the beaches of Normandy, which included a fantastic last meal consisting of fruits, fresh bread, meats, and cheeses from nearby shops, we made our way to Paris last night before flying this morning to Barcelona. We picked up our rental and set out on the roughly 4-hour drive to Xàbia.

While the ride was long and we were all pretty tired from our early morning flight, I spent my time between naps watching the Spanish countryside roll by. Orchard after orchard of fruit trees dotted with beautiful purple, yellow, and blue flowers stretched for miles over the Valencian hills. The clouds and a bit of haze shrouded some of the mountains in the distance.

Our itinerary for the rest of the week is full of such things as lounging by the pool, drinking a lot of really good coffee, reading as many books as we can, sampling the local sangria and cerveza, and stuffing our faces with the local cuisine. Any time remaining will be spent laughing and chatting and doing a whole lot of nothing.

I hope I’m up to the task.

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