I’m Going To Africa Today


This past week has been a blur. Between meetings and attempting to organize my students, I spent a good chunk of my time running through checklist after checklist of things I’ll need while in Malawi. I honestly haven’t the foggiest idea if I’ve managed to do everything, and I have an intense feeling that I’ve forgotten something very important. Of course, since I’m sitting at my gate waiting to board I’ve hit the stage where I’ve just accepted that if I am forgetting something, I can’t really do anything about it.

I woke up this morning around 5am. As I lay there wondering why my body decided to wake me an hour before my alarm was set, I realized that I was full of nervous energy. My stomach was full of butterflies in anticipation of today’s flight.

I’m going to Africa today.

The very thought seemed altogether weird and amazing, and yet completely unbelievable. Despite having spent the last few months applying to, interviewing for, and then being offered a position in the Leave For Change program, and despite having spent the last three weeks filling out paperwork, getting vaccinations, applying for insurance, reading documentation, and getting my students ready for my absence, this adventure still seems surreal.

I’m going to Africa today.

I honestly don’t think this is going to sink in until I touch down in Addis Ababa.



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