And Away Again

I spent much of Sunday doing the exact same thing I did on Saturday; chores and meeting up with friends that I’ve not seen in several weeks. It was a fantastic Sunday, culminating in an excellent BBQ filled with laughter, good food and drinks, and good friends.

Monday morning I woke to the sound of my alarm. Ugh, 4:15am. The ungodliest of ungodly hours. Having only gone to bed around 2:30am, I wasn’t feeling my normal morning self. I may or may not have cursed last-night-Dan for staying up so late, but then remembered that jet-lag was to blame so I promptly began cursing it.

I yawned, stretched, splashed some water on my face, and tried to shake away the groggy feeling I had. I stumbled downstairs to feed Elliot, who seemed less impressed than I that he was up at this hour. Not 5 minutes before he was snuggly curled up next to me, and now I was blinding both of us with every offensive light switch I flicked on my passage from my bedroom to the kitchen. After seeing to Elliot’s breakfast, I poured myself some day-old coffee and assembled the necessary toppings (i.e. peanut butter and jam) for the bagel that was taking too long to toast. Today is going to be a long day.

Surprisingly, after the coffee and bagel, and after a longer than normal shower, I began to feel almost like a real person. I looked at the clock. It took more than a moment for my recently caffeinated brain to finally register that it was 5:35am. Crap, I’ve 25 minutes before the driver arrives. Also, note to self: you need more coffee.

I quickly and carefully dressed as I attempted to brush my teeth while also making the bed, somehow avoiding the corners of my footboard that have left several hip level bruises in the past in my attempts to rush my bed-making routine. Without missing a beat I threw my suitcase on top of my bed, then gathered the freshly dried laundry that I’d turned on before descending for breakfast with Elliot.

Hiking boots. Deodorant. Toothbrush. Toothpaste. Underwear. Pants. Shirts. Jacket. Socks.

I ran through a mental checklist, trying to force my brain to remember anything specific I’d need for my trip. Despite the caffeine, I was coming up short. I kept packing.

Passport. Computer. iPad. iPhone. Wallet. Visa. Bank card. 

I zipped up the suitcase, not at all confident that I’d remembered everything, but confident enough that I’d have the majority of the things I’d need. It was 5:48am.

Hmmm, 13 minutes to pack for Rigolet. This is either going to be an epically amazing trip, or a disaster of epic proportions.  

At 6:00am the driver arrived to whisk me off to the airport. As I said goodbye once again to Elliot, I gave the condo one last check.

Malaria pills! Yikes.

It was a weird thing to miss. Malaria is not a concern in Labrador (at least not to my knowledge). I’ve never had to worry about mosquito nets or taking a daily pill before, during, or after my trips to Rigolet. But given the proximity to my trip to Malawi, I still have about 7 days worth of pills to take to ensure I won’t contract the disease.

And once again I had one of those moments since my return where I had to shake my head. I was in Lilongwe, Malawi only a few days ago, and now I was about to head to the airport to begin the long journey to Rigolet. My life is weird and wonderful and it’s random moments like these where I wonder when I’m going to wake up. Fortunately this dream doesn’t seem to want to end.



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