36 And 37

My summer adventure officially ended just over 2 weeks ago. And despite how much I miss everything there is to miss about travel, I think I’ve transitioned back to my normal life relatively well. The jet lag has passed and I’ve found myself falling back into a routine that seems right for me. Of course, this includes the usual meetings and classes, but since I’ve also been trying to stick with the slower version of me, it’s also included more me-time. More time with friends. More weekend activities that exclude sitting in front of my computer for far too many hours. More weekend naps with the wee fuzzball. More weekends in general. And I guess also more office door posters that my students seem to thoroughly enjoy putting up. I could get used to this.

Still, even after 4 months of feeding my wanderlust, and even after spending the past 2 weeks settling into a more balanced mix of work and life (for me), I’ve found myself almost constantly distracted with the question of Where to next? Because there’s always a Where to next? And once I’ve had that question bounce around my brain like a mad earworm digging up images of adventures in far away places, I wonder When? Dear god, when? 

Then, of course, reality strikes. Time and finances always temper my immediate desire to jump online and book another flight. That’s not to say I don’t often load up the AirCanada website to see what deals are available, or how much a flight to Melbourne or Bali or Krakow or Patagonia might cost. That’s also not to say that I don’t spend much of my spare time imagining adventures in far off corners of the earth, or picturing myself at the top of another mountain, or staring out at the endless beauty of the ocean from a fancy drink laden beach chair, complete with appropriately dressed servers who busy themselves ensuring I’m completely comfortable and that my drink is never empty. Nor does it mean that I don’t spend time plotting how I might, for example, secretly fly to Tokyo on a Thursday eve after my class, spend a weekend taking in the sights and sounds that the city has to offer, venturing into not-so-touristy places to experience more than the typical, and returning in time for Tuesday’s lecture with an excellent response to So, what did you do this weekend?

Most days the thoughts of reality ground me for at least a few hours, allowing me to get back to work and deal with the various projects I have on the go. Most days the idea of adventure is enough.

Yesterday was not one of those days. After a quick text to Rick, flights 36 and 37 for the year have been booked, and adventures and shenanigans have once again been added to my calendar. I hope you’re ready for me Vancouver. I’ll see you in a few weeks.


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