Merry Christmas

As a Christmas gift to myself, I decided not to set my alarm last night. To be quite honest, this was probably one of the best ideas I’ve had all year.

I awoke this morning to the wee fuzzball nuzzled up next to me, contentedly purring away and dreaming of whatever it is that cats dream of. Instead of bounding out of bed, I opted to enjoy the blanket burrito I found myself encased in. The condo was quiet, save for the odd sound of the walls or floor settling or yawning in response to the morning. My phone wasn’t buzzing and my computer was silent and for a change, I wasn’t building and editing the list of things that would define my day. It was just me, and Elliott, and the silence that blanketed the house. And it was perfect.

Eventually, the siren call of caffeine and breakfast pulled me out of bed. And now I sit here, sipping another cup of java writing this post while the fuzzball explores the condo again. It’s quiet and wonderful and exactly what I needed.

However you are celebrating or not celebrating the day, I hope your morning is just as perfect.

Happy holidays everyone!

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