The Adventure Continues

Assuming the blizzard that is currently hitting Halifax isn’t going to further delay my travel plans, tomorrow night I should be headed to the airport to ceremoniously launch myself through the sky in a glorified (but extremely safe) metal lawn dart.

Prior to the storm, I was supposed to spend a 2-hour layover in Halifax tomorrow afternoon, arriving in Happy Valley-Goose Bay shortly after 7 pm. Now, because of Old Man Winter, it appears I won’t arrive in Happy Valley until 24 hours later, meaning that I will be spending most of Valentine’s day in Halifax.

Fortunately, Air Canada updated all of my flight information this eve, so I’ve had plenty of time to deal with the changes. I am, however, going to wait to book a hotel in Halifax until I know for sure what the situation is.

Whatever the case, this trip has two goals: present some research at the Labrador Research Forum, and spend some time with the communities of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Rigolet as part of two ongoing research programs. One is to develop a community vitality index for communities in NunatuKavut, and the other is to continue work on the eNuk health and environment monitoring system in Nunatsiavut.

Of course, the benefit of this travel means that I get to spend some more time in Rigolet. I’m only going to have a few nights in the community, but I’m very much looking forward to every minute I get to spend there. And with any luck, I may see some Aurora Borealis again.


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