Home Sweet Home

I’m not sure when the all mighty Facebook added the memories feature, but I do know that it has had the effect of reminding me of a lot of things from my past. In some cases, this feature has reminded me of things that I’d completely forgotten about, and in other cases, it’s reminded me of things that probably were best left untouched in the dusty corners of my mind.

For example, I’d completely forgotten about #Guelphzilla1 photos that I’d posted to the Instagrams. It also includes several times that auto-correct has made what should have been an innocent update into something far more salacious2. This weekend, however, it had the effect of reminding me that I bought my current home a decade ago!

This information took me by surprise, even though on some level I knew that I had spent the past 10 years in my condo. And of course, this reminder served as a catalyst to dust off so many memories: moving in, the addition of the wee fuzzball to the family, waking up to my water heater on fire, the flood and the seemingly endless clean up, the comfort and peace of mind that always came with the return from so many extended travels, Christmas parties and dinners, movies with friends, falling asleep on the couch with exes, scotch tastings, falling asleep in the shower because I was so tired, kitchen upgrades, the sense of elation mixed with numbness that I’d experienced when I had finally submitted the final draft of my PhD thesis, dancing around like a madman when I was offered my position in the School of Computer Science, and the follow-up dancing that came with regularization, and finally tenure. My condo is filled with so many memories, it’s amazing how easy it is to forget them.

I don’t know if I’ll still be in my condo 10 years from now, but whatever the case, I can only hope that wherever I decide to hang my hat will bring me as much joy as it has.

Also, I should probably have a scotch to celebrate this monumental occasion. 😉

1 For those not in the know, a random tweet inspired me to create some rather poorly photoshopped images of the monster stars from the old-time-y monster movies which you can view by clicking here.

2 For example, autocorrect has at least 2 ways to b0rk up a completely innocent and well-intentioned sentence about enjoying a morning coffee while watching the sunrise and sitting on the dock. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure them out.


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