Go West, Young Man

Approximately eleventy-billion years ago1 I boarded a glorified lawn dart on my way from here to Labrador so that I might spend some time in Goose Bay and Rigolet as part of the eNuk research program. But that was eleventy-billion years ago. Naturally, you might be wondering how I, a man who valiantly battles the wanderbeast on a daily basis, could manage to go this long without some sort of adventure.

I wish I had a sufficient answer for you. I wish I could tell you that I somehow found a way to quell the growing roar of wanderlust that fills my thoughts with every waking moment of the day. But that is far from reality. Instead, I’ve found myself daydreaming more and more since I returned from Labrador; filling the spaces between moments of adulting with thoughts of grand adventures in far off lands.

Of course, it probably hasn’t helped that I have friends currently posting photos to the Instagrams about their ongoing adventures through Asia, Europe, Australia, Northern Canada, South America, and Africa, or posting photos of themselves piloting a plane for the first time or even strapping themselves to the wing of a biplane just for kicks. I’d like to call them all jerks for indiscriminately plastering my social media with incredible scenery, ancient temples, familiar landmarks, and the vibrancy of life in all corners of our world, but I know that I would and have done exactly the same.

Fortunately, I will be posting my own photos once again as I’ll be boarding my 9th flight of 2017 on my way from here to Vancouver. I’m heading west to take part in 2 separate conferences that just happen to overlap each other; one at Simon Fraser University (the Community University Expo), the other at the University of British Columbia (the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Annual Conference). I’m also heading out west because I’ll get to spend some time adventuring with The Reverend Dr. Lady Beth Snow of Glencoe, and Lord Ricky Chin of Glencoe. I have no idea what adventures might befall us, but that’s honestly part of the fun.

Only slightly more than 114 hours until I take off, not that I’m counting2.

1 At least that’s how it feels.

2 I’m totally counting.


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