That Time I Tried To Fly Home

I’m currently cozied up in a rather comfy bed on the 14th floor of the Alt Hotel at the Halifax airport. In theory, I should be at this very moment hurtling through the air in a glorified metal lawn dart. Instead, I shall wait until tomorrow morning to make my great escape.

So why do I find myself in this position? There are several reasons.

First, after having spent an amazing week in Halifax, I am all sorts of exhausted. This has included meetings related to a research project that’s just getting off the ground in Rigolet (see here for details), as well as attending and presenting at the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education’s (STLHE – pronounced affectionately as Stelly) Annual Conference. But it has also included several pints on patios and at various pubs and restaurants around the city, as well as an ample supply of delicious food, super tasty coffee, unexpected concerts and fireworks celebrating National Aboriginal Day, and a lot of walking around in a mix of gorgeous spring/summer weather, and rainy, grey days. In short, it has been an amazing week.

Of course, after giving my presentation today I decided to walk around the city. This was probably a mistake because I was overdressed and in desperate need of a nap. By the time I arrived at the airport I felt gross and sweaty, and more than likely stinkier than I should have been given that I was in public and about to board a confined space with a bunch of strangers who, through no fault of their own, would get to bask in my stinkitudity. All I know is that inside I was dying for a shower and a bed.

Second, and crucially, my flight was oversold. As fate would have it, I just so happened to be standing at the check-in desk at the exact moment that Holly (the most excellent AirCanada attendant ever) was making an announcement informing us of the oversold nature of the flight, and asking for volunteers to fly at another time. Hearing that we would be compensated and rebooked on a new flight Saturday morning, I figured why the hell not.

And so here I am, freshly showered, cozied in bed, booked for a 5:30am flight tomorrow morning. I’m going to savour this strange turn of events. I’m going to pretend I have no responsibilities, and I’m going to ignore the various emails that are sitting in my inbox. In short, I’m going to pretend I’m on vacation – at least until tomorrow at 4am when my journey home continues.


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  1. At least you got compensated, my cousin after agreeing to wait so others could get on a flight told the people getting on to have a nice flight, the airlines said it was nice of him to voluntarily give up his seat to his friends and refused to compensate him even though he’d never met them before, he was just being friendly. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be nice which is sad. I totally agree a hot shower after a long trip is wonderful and worth a slight delay.

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