The Weirdening Continues

Remember how I wrote just the other day that my life is weird, but not in a bad way? And how I wrote over a week ago that I had a series of half-finished stories that I promised I’d talk about when they came to fruition? Well, tomorrow one more of those stories comes to fruition, and it’s definitely one of those my life is weird stories.

Tomorrow, Dr. Jason Ernst1 and I are scheduled to chat with Gareth Mitchell. And who is Gareth, exactly? He’s none other than the host of Click – a radio show and podcast produced by BBC World Service.

For those who might not be familiar with BBC World Service, it’s an international broadcaster with a massive audience – a ridiculously massive almost unbelievable audience. In fact, according to the almighty Wikipedia, “World Service reached an average of 210 million people a week” in 2015. And tomorrow at 3:32pm (EST), Jason and I will be two of the voices that will be heard by some of those 210 million people – so, you know, no pressure or anything.

While the interview is only expected to be six minutes long, we’re going to be doing our best to chat about the community-led research in Rigolet. Jason will be chatting specifically about Mobile Mesh Networking, while I’ll be chatting about eNuk and the need for improved connectivity in the north.

Honestly, it still hasn’t really sunk in that this is happening – because it’s the BBC, and also because holy shitballs it’s the BBC!

Should you want to listen in, you should be able to tune in directly to the program by clicking here.

Wish us luck!

1 whom you might remember as the Chief Networking Scientist at RightMesh.

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