Someone Has To Be Tribute

This, apparently, is the time of year when the pace of my travel adventure begins to pick up speed. Yes, I just returned from a trip to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t already have the next two of five planned adventures booked.

Obviously, all of this travel makes me happy despite the fact that it means that my time in Guelph and on campus is always a bit more hectic and scheduled than I’d like. It’s a small sacrifice for the ability to adventure and call it a job, but I will continue to gladly offer myself as tribute for the greater cause. Because I’m giving like that.

Anyway, the first of my trips will see me returning to Vancouver. I’m pretty stoked. I love Vancouver, and this trip will give me a chance to see some friends while I’m there. Of course, it’ll also give me some time to sit down with Jason so that we can draft some grants, plot about our mesh research program, and write some papers for peer review. Additionally, we may or may not sample a few drams.

Following Vancouver, I have an as-yet-unbooked trip to Iqaluit. At 63.7467° N latitude, I believe this would be the furthest north I’ve ever been (although there’s a small chance – depending on whether a grant application is successful – of going further north). It’s currently a balmy -36°C (-32°F) in Iqaluit so I may have to stock up on wool socks and thermal undies.

My return from Iqaluit is going to be short. I expect to arrive home with enough time to shower and do laundry before I board another shiny metal lawn dart on my way to Boston for a few days. I’m really excited about this trip because I’m going to 1) visit Boston, a city I’ve never been to, and 2) give an invited talk at Dartmouth College (but I’ll chat more on that in a future post).

After that, I have another research trip planned to Rigolet with Nic, Jason, and Fraser, followed by a trip with Gerarda and Steph to New York City. In the former case, I’m hoping that the team will get to experience the type of adventure I had several winters ago that saw me immersed in a winter wonderland crossing the frozen waters of Lake Melville. In the latter case, I have no idea what we are going to be doing, but based on our previous adventures I know it’s going to be awesome.

Amazingly, these trips will all unfold between now and April 2nd, and will see me flying 80% of the circumference of the earth1. It will also have me away from Guelph for a total of 44 days of the 92 that span January 1 through April 2.

I am a very happy, very lucky man.

1 Since the beginning of the year.

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