My Life Is Weird – Or That Time I Helped Batman

In the most recent chapter of my life is weird, I present to you a story about the time that I helped Batman. ZWAP! BLAM-O! KA-POW!

Our story began in late December as Aidan, Amanda, Corey, and I were on our way to visit Stone Henge. As is often the case, I was perusing the Twitters. On this particular day, however, I noticed a message from one Chris George asking if I would be interested in taking part in The School of Batman podcast. School of Batman? What the what?

At first, I thought it might have been a joke but I opted to keep an open mind as I listened to the trailer. Immediately I knew that I had to take part. I messaged Chris back and was surprised to learn that they were, in fact, located in London, England.


Hmmmm, I thought, perhaps I can meet them in London and in real life when we return from our Wales and Scotland adventures. Of course, I may have been a wee excited about the idea of having a Batman adventure inspired by my research to have remembered that it was Christmas, and very likely none of the people involved would want to actually record an interview when they could be spending time with family and friends. With this realization in mind, I worked with Chris and his colleague Megan to schedule an interview for after my return to Canada.

School of Batman – a weekly podcast where Batman works with researchers to solve crimes. 

And so, at the appropriate bat-time and using the appropriate bat-channel (in this case, also known as Skype), I sat down in mid-January to discuss my various research programs with Chris. Before the chat, I had assumed that he would ask about my research and then we’d work together to concoct the campiest story that required Batman to use whatever he could that my research provided. In reality, Chris and I chatted about one of my research programs and then he disappeared for about 3 minutes. In that time, he’d drafted a story that pulled together a classic villain, a Gotham-leveling crime, and a need for Batman to save the innocent Gothamites affected by said villainy.

Fortunately, Chris is a bat-nerd through and through. This means that his story is WAY better than anything I could have ever come up with.


Of course, before he could present the story to the audience, I was tasked with identifying the actor I thought should portray Batman in my unique story. I didn’t have to think twice. I won’t tell you who I chose – you’ll have to listen to the story for yourself. However, there are enough clues in this post that it should be immediately obvious.

Sadly, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to hear how I helped Batman. The weekly episodes began at the end of January, and my personal bat-story won’t hit the shelves until around week seven. Regardless, you can listen to the other episodes (and maybe learn a little bit about a variety of research programs from around the world) on Soundcloud or iTunes.

There are currently two episodes available, with a new adventure released every week. The first story features Matthew Partridge, a biochemist and fibre optics expert. The second episode features Isabella Fuentes, a neuroscientist. If you have some time, check them out. They’re really quite fun (and informative).

And don’t worry folks – I’ll remind you when my episode becomes available. It’s what Batman would do.



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