I Will Have All The Doughnuts, Please

We arrived in New York City Friday afternoon, following a slight delay in our flight. Despite the later arrival, grey skies, and a bit of drizzle, we were pretty excited to be back in New York City to celebrate 15 years of nerding out together.

Shortly after we checked into our hotel room – which coincidentally is located on the 15th floor of the hotel – we ventured out for food and beverage because the main goal of our adventure in New York City was, is, and always will be food and beverage. Given our proximity to Chelsea Market and the density of delicious treats that one can find while walking the shops of said market, we set out in search of food.

As usual, our arrival only made our choice more difficult as the selection of tasty goodness at our disposal was even better than I remembered. I opted for a lamb shank and veggie pie, accompanied by a local IPA to wash it all down. Gerarda and Steph had vegan sushi with a chocolate porter and a cider, respectively.

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The friendiversary wine dinner has begun.

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Sated, we wandered about before returning to the hotel to get ready for our friendiversary wine dinner. For those not in the know, this involves a three-course meal and three bottomless bottles of wine – prosecco, sauvignon blanc, and a California red wine. I opted for the tuna tartar to start, the braised lamb shank for my main, and an apple tartlet with espresso for dessert. And I probably also drank my weight in wine. By the end of the meal we were stuffed, and thanks to the wine, just the right amount of charming.

Surprisingly, the next morning I awoke feeling way better than I should have given the wine that was consumed the night before. Of course, I was not going to question how my liver managed to protect me from the events of our friendiversary dinner, I was only going to thank it for doing a bang-up job.

Having showered, we once again set out to address our goal of food and beverage. Our first stop, for first breakfast, was Doughnut Plant. I learned of this place on the Twitters ages ago, and it has become customary to drop by at least once a day for every day that I visit the city so that I might stuff my gob with ample amounts of delicious doughnut-y goodness. And stuff my gob I did – in this case with a blackberry filled vanilla doughnut. It’s even better than it sounds.

We found second breakfast at the Gotham West Market, after finding coffee and walking the High Line from Chelsea to Hell’s Kitchen. Given the mix of blue sky, extremely comfortable walking weather, and Easter weekend, we were joined on our High Line walk with hundreds of other people. Regardless, the views of the city were fantastic and gave me a chance to see some of the architecture in a way that I’d never been able to experience before.

Following second breakfast, our day continued in much the same way.





And because I’m extremely spoiled, today looks to be much the same. Now to decide which doughnut to have for first breakfast.

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