Sabbatical Thoughts

Although my sabbatical is only three months old, I can confidently state that sabbaticals are awesome. As I’ve discussed in at least one of my previous posts, the time away from teaching and administrative tasks has been exactly the type of break that I’ve needed.

Bread And Butter

Yesterday, I finally learned to make bread – assuming you exclude the breads I’ve made in the past that are really just cake in disguise. I’m looking at you banana, pumpkin, and zucchini breads.

Mmmmm, Soup.

In my series of ongoing culinary (mis-)adventures, I’ve been slowly, oh so slowly attempting to complete my goal of learning to cook six new things in a year. For most people, this probably seems like the easiest of goals. However, given the amount of time I’m actually away from home, coupled with a typical schedule that…

Around The World, Around The World

If my trusty spreadsheet is correct, my upcoming flight from Vancouver to Toronto will be the 43rd time this year that I will launch myself into the air and safely land somewhere else. And at some time while I’m majestically soaring through the clouds on said flight, I will effectively begin my third lap around…

A Not So Ordinary Day

If you are following me on the Twitters or any of the other various social media that I frequent, you’ll probably already know that yesterday was a rather not so ordinary day. After flying to Vancouver Thursday night, Nic and I were up early Friday morning to head to Maple Ridge.