Not That I’m Counting

In a few days I will be officially on vacation, and I can’t freaking wait. For those who have been following along, you might be asking – aren’t you always travelling? or haven’t you be on sabbatical since last fall? And the answers are mostly yes, and yes. However, neither of these things necessarily mean…

Winter And Summer Should Never Meet

I am not a huge fan of air conditioning – at least not in the way that most people and businesses seem to use it. I don’t enjoy the need for a sweater or a pair of socks in the middle of the summer, and I’d rather sleep with the windows open than wrap myself…

Fifth Time Is A Charm

In my ongoing adventure series with students, I jumped out of yet another perfectly good plane yesterday. Because nothing better describes the graduate research experience like skydiving, I guess?

Productivity Is A Future Dan Problem

After a mostly uneventful flight – save for a period of mild turbulence that left me feeling a wee bit woozier than I would have expected – Nic and I have safely landed in Vancouver. More accurately, we have landed, stuffed our faces with some delicious Lebanese food from Nuba, and made our way to…

Wanderlusting Around The World

There are probably a million things I should be doing at the moment – papers to read and edit, courses to prep, grants to write – but instead I’ve opted to spend the better part of the last few hours wanderlusting.

The Five Year Plan

Time flies when you’re doing stuff. Apparently it was more than 7 years ago that I moved my mortgage from my previous lender (one of the Canadian big banks) to the trusted hands of my friend, Rob Campbell.